You need a donkey because

1. A donkey is a loyal friend.

2. When you forget your donkey will remember.

3. Your secrets can be trusted with a donkey.

4. Your donkey will only talk about you, behind your back , to other donkeys.

5. Donkey will not have accidents or shed fur in your house (that is if you don't let them in).

6. When donkeys are grazing they are peaceful to watch.

7. When you cart your donkey your gasoline bills go down.

8. When you are on donkey time your are in balance.

Happy Jacks' Farm

breeding miniature donkeys

A small family farm located in central Florida.  Our goal is to have happy donkeys and happier customers.  Our babies are handled from birth and love human attention.  They are pastured on about 15 acres though out the year.  The pictures below are real pictures of Happy Jacks' Farm and were taken in the summer before the rainy season started.